WHO WE ARE: People with great ideas

We are a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, creative and dynamic professionals with a stream of innovative ideas keen on bringing communication to life through sharply focused strategies. We work round the clock to create exceptional brands, websites and experiences.



Head, Web Development

Wale-Adeduro Adedotun

Head, Business Development

Omofolabo Akintomide

Head, Digital Marketing


  • Kenny is a detailed Handler who manages the process like a hawk. I’ve had the privilege of working with him for little more than 16 months now and in that time I have known Kenny to be a well-grounded and down to earth colleague.

    He is a calculated risk taker, pragmatic leader and realist who seems to grasp ideas holistically whilst still taking note of the more acute details. He is an hard worker and value creator in the truest sense.

    Soyem Osakwe PR & Communications Consultant, https://ng.linkedin.com/in/soyemosakwe
  • I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Kenny and his team. They not only helped us develop our brand and better manage our operations but have provided us tools to look after our business more strategically.

    Olumide A Online Businessman, http://marketdirect.ng
  • Very technical people worked on the project — the team provided great insight and brought experience and helped me achieve my vision. They worked hand in hand with me to develop my Brand and are still very much involved.

    John Diran Online Businessman, http://freshbasket.com.ng/
  • White Cat’s expertise was instrumental in helping our company network grow and created a perfect avenue to communicate with our investors. The simplicity of the app is what we love.

    Ejire Transport Ltd Ejire Twins, http://ejiretransport.com
  • Very fast and polite communication, great pricing, Friendly helpful service and very quick delivery once design sorted.

    Temi Stone Online Sales, http://www.shopthegreen.net/
  • Very inspiring, objective and deep understanding of designs and digital arts and they are deep thinkers and very resourceful.

    Akinkunle Awo Technical Director, http://84services.com